Professional Strengths, Values and Story Survey (SVSS)

Based on the innovative model created by Dr. Carol S. Pearson, Cindy Atlee’s proprietary story typing tool for individuals and teams illuminates workplace assets, values and gifts through a story-based lens.

In large Fortune 500 companies, small non-profits or a medium-size government agency settings alike, the Strengths, Values and Story Survey (SVSS) can be used a very accessible and intuitive way to identify, define and apply the “story type” that comes alive when people are at their best.

The SVSS is an invaluable tool to explore identity, meaning and motivation, define a personal or professional mission, vision or message, enhance communication skills and effectiveness, and align entrepreneurial and workplace success with intrinsic personal motivation. It allows people to translate and apply their most powerful strengths and values into a purposeful, passionate, vibrant and vital work life.

The SVSS lends itself very well to be incorporated into coaching work, built into team building exercises as well as leadership and professional development programs. It can also be used as an important foundational component of brand development processes for leaders, entrepreneurs and groups.

To get a taste of this instrument, we invite you to take the survey at no charge. The only “consideration” involved is that by taking the instrument, you are agreeing to join our mailing list (which will never be sold to or shared with anyone else). We hope you enjoy hearing from us periodically, and of course, the unsubscribe option is always available once you start receiving our emails. You will receive an email informing you of your primary story character. The true power of the survey lies in knowing your detailed scores, which indicate the constellation of your supporting cast of characters and your unique motivational storyline, and in learning how to use your unique set of strengths effectively.