In 2014, Friderike Butler had the privilege to travel with Five Talents to Burundi, Africa, so see and assess the non-profit organization’s work in the field. The small band of travelers included the program’s CEO, Sonia Patterson, a financial investment specialist, a pastor, a professional photographer, and a supporter from Australia. Together, they visited southern communities at Lake Tanganyika and small villages in the mountains close to the border of Ruanda. Meeting the joyful participants and tireless local trainers, speaking to local authorities and hearing the personal testimonies of many women, who benefitted from the skills taught through the program, left a deep impression on Friderike.


Butler Communication now whole-heartedly contributes financially and volunteers for the non-profit organization Five Talents in their mission to fight poverty, create jobs and transform lives in the poorest areas of the world. Five Talents provides the framework for savings and micro-finance programs in Burundi, South Sudan, Kenya, and other under-serviced and impoverished regions in South America and Asia.

Butler Communication and Five Talents share a passion for helping others to discover their potential and create a better life for themselves and their communities. Both organizations practice mindful communication in culturally-respectful ways and apply transformative development work to empower local communities at a personal, small group, and organizational/community level. Independently and together, they to create new opportunities and self-empowering possibilitiesthrough training and organizational support.

We invite you to learn more about this wonderful organization and to consider supporting this beautiful way of creating opportunities and bringing forth transformation where it is direly needed.

Five Talents’ 1000 Friends Program:   HERE