Butler Communication Resilience Assessment Survey™

Resilience is the ability to adapt when faced with difficulty, trauma, or tragedy. Some people seem to possess a natural ability to deal with stress, trouble and difficulty, while others lack the internal capacity to withstand pressure. 

Resilience is not a fixed, innate trait or characteristic that you either have or don’t have. Resilience is a learned ability, one that can be taught and that can be developed by anyone. Whatever your current reaction to pressure, uncertainty, and challenges may be, it is possible build and strengthen your resilience muscle.  

How well do YOU react to an unexpected turn of events? Do you get triggered and fall into a fight, flight or freeze response or do you stay alert and get energized by uncertainty and challenges? Find out and take the Butler Communication Resilience Assessment Survey for instant feedback.

  • Resilience Assessment Survey

  • How Resilient are YOU? Take the test now!

    Find out whether you are fit and ready tackle anything life throws at you or whether you can easily be thrown off course.

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