to boost engagement, creativity, and innovation

According to the most recent Gallup Poll on Employee Engagement, 31.5% of the corporate workforce is engaged, 51% is not engaged and 17.5% is actively disengaged. That means almost 70% of the workforce in corporate America is mentally checked out, overwhelmed or has resorted to reactive behavior rather than courageously and actively pursuing big visions that excite and inspire and produce results.

This is a tragic waste of talent, energy, and resources. If you are seeing indicators of this downward spiral in your organization, if you are regularly feeling dread as you prepare to go to work in the morning be encouraged, there is a better way.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, successful organizations need to be lean, flexible, and innovative to thrive. Leaders have to be alert, creative and resilient to recognize opportunities, and champion new ideas at all levels – let us show you how to generate leadership conversations at all levels.


  • Stop unproductive behaviors – no more never-ending, unproductive meetings!
  • Start communicating for collaboration and shared understanding – build stronger teams
  • Face uncertainty with confidence – find strength in fear!
  • Take bold steps to break unproductive patterns – and create the results you really want
  • Reconnect with your passion and find purpose in what you do – every day!
  • Build a strong team through effective communication, trust, and accountability


Build Relationships, Shape Culture & Drive Breakthrough Results through the Power of Language

Based on proven models and methodologies, our leadership development programs help leaders see themselves, their teams, and the world in new ways. Participants learn to shape culture and improve execution through the power of language. The programs include a combination of big-picture leadership topics (e.g. emotional intelligence, change management and establishing clear dialogue) as well as specific managerial topics (e.g. creating accountability, delegation, and goal-setting). They can run from 1-hour energy boosting interactive presentations to multiple-day programs that will profoundly change the way your organization creates results.

Key Learning

  • Increased employee engagement and retention
  • Improved trust, accountability, and confidence in leadership
  • Increased effectiveness in managing competing commitments
  • Effective leveraging of diverse perspectives and new thinking patterns
  • Ability to create a collaborative and flexible corporate/team culture
  • Boost in productivity and performance

Who benefits from Leadership Development Programs:
Senior Leadership, Directors, VPs, Deputies, Senior Managers, 
Emerging Leaders, Support Staff, Frontline Personnel

Assessment Tools

We use proven assessment tools to understand the baseline leadership culture of an organization and then lay-out a development plan together with the client that is customized to create the desired results.

We are looking forward to talking with you, learning about your organization, and hearing what works well, and what challenges you are facing.