Can you imagine any high-performing sports teams without a coach on the sidelines? Do you know any serious athlete, who prepares for a major competition without a coach?

Today’s high-performing professionals may as well be referred to as corporate athletes, considering the stamina, focus, energy, and high performance level that is expected of them. It does not come as a surprise then that more and more executives and high-performing professionals are engaging coaches to evaluate what works and what gets in the way of achieving desired results, for a critical assessment of current behavior patterns, accountability, candid feedback, positive enforcement of best practices and encouragement in order to accelerate their career progression.



Leaders who engage in executive coaching are seeking to take a major step forward in their leadership capabilities, often in response to increased job responsibilities or rapidly changing work conditions. Coaching can especially benefit professionals who find themselves going through critical points of change such as accelerated corporate growth, assuming a new leadership position, building or changing a management team, career progression, leadership transfers or transitioning into a new international job assignment.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Coaching
  • Emerging Leader Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Start-up Business Coaching
  • Global Mindset Coaching

Individual coaching clients, who have benefited greatly from working with a coach, faced leadership challengesunder-performance and misalignment in leadership teams as well as career transitions, in particular first leadership assignments. Strengths assessments such as the SVSS (professional strengths, values, and story type survey) and Leadership Circle 360 tools coupled with deep exploration of personal motivation and belief systems are often part of the co-created development journey.

Through coaching, clients experience and practice increased self-awareness, confident decision making skills and a noticeable improvement of interpersonal relationships at work as well as in personal settings, thus building a strong foundation for progressive, positive, and creative leadership development that is people-centered and results-focused.

We work with business owners, executives, emerging leaders of all ages, and motivated high-achieving professionals who are looking to activate their full potential. 

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What to expect from coaching

  • Identification of key behaviors to create desired results at work
  • Improved ability to self-observe and self-correct
  • Increased capacity to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Boosted resilience and flexibility
  • Creativity and flexibility in designing new paths and new solutions

Assessment Tools

Proven assessment can be helpful to quickly establish a baseline for behaviors, beliefs, and individual preferences. Depending on individual coaching goals, the coach may suggest an assessment as an opening into inquiries and deeper work and to co-develop a road map towards desired results.


“My coaching business was born from the desire to help leaders turn challenging situations in businesses and organizations into opportunities to create thriving, agile and innovative places of work where people are valued and encouraged to bring forth their best ideas. I support motivated professionals in harnessing their strengths and turning visions into successful action. My goal is to help you assemble the building blocks to bridge from good to great in your professional life. If you desire to lead a creative, collaborative, mission-driven team, doing work you love, true to your values, with courage and authenticity, you will find my coaching approach and support invaluable.” 

The coaching practice is fueled by the desire to create safe places for noticing, learning, practicing and cultivating meaningful and purposeful connections between people. Our coaching work uncovers new paths and releases positive energy in a world full of possibilities and choice to offer opportunities for personal, professional and organizational transformation to powerfully benefit humankind.