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  • Global Mindset Coaching

Butler Communication supports executives, business owners, and emerging leaders, who are facing leadership challenges in a continuously changing environment, in identifying previously unnoticed options andpossibilities to bring about new resultsand success at work, often also leading to positive shifts in their personal lives.

In partnering with our coaching clients, we respectfully challenge and whole-heartedly support executives, emerging leaders, and managers in unfurling theirinnate strengths and wisdom to create purpose-filled, positive and powerful engagements in an ever-changing world


In our roles as coaches and trainers, we strive to create a learning environment that increases self-awareness of the client and enriches and fosters meaningful connections between people while promoting mutual understanding and unlocking the power of different perspectives to achieve best-possible individual and organizational performances.

The coaching practice is fueled by the desire to create safe places for noticing, learning, practicing and cultivating meaningful and impactful connections between people. Our coaching work uncovers new paths and releases positive energy in a world full of possibilities and choice to offer opportunities for personal, professional and organizational transformation to powerfully benefit humankind.


Leadership Coaching supports

  • Identification of key behaviors to create desired results at work
  • Increased capacity to self-observe and self-correct
  • Increased capacity to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Building resilience and flexibility
  • Effective self-awareness in relationship with others

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