This assessment survey is comprised of 48 scenarios or statements with two possible responses to choose from. On average, the survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. There are no right or wrong answers.
Carefully read the description for each scenario and vividly imagine it happening to you.
For the most accurate insightful results, quickly identify your first instinctive response. Don’t overthink it. Even if you do not like the way some of the answers sound or if you think others may not like your choice, simply select the option that comes closest to your gut reaction.

    1.  The project you are in charge of is a great success.

    2.  You and your partner make up after a fight.

    3.  You get lost driving to a friend's house.

    4.  Your partner suprises you with a gift.

    5.  You forget your partner's birthday.

    6.  You get a flower from a secret admirer.

    7.  You run for a community office position and win.

    8.  You miss an important engagement.

    9.  You run for a community office position and you lose.

    10.  You host a successful dinner.

    11.  You stop a crime by calling the police.

    12.  You were extremely healthy all year.

    13.  You owe the library ten dollars for an overdue book.

    14.  Your stocks make you a lot of money.

    15.  You win an athletic contest.

    16.  You fail an important exam.

    17.  You prepared a special meal for a friend and he/she barely touched the food.

    18.  You lose a sporting event for which you have been training for a long time.

    19.  Your car runs out of gas on a dark street late at night.

    20.  You lose your temper with a friend.

    21.  You are penalized for not returning your income-tax form on time.

    22.  You ask a person out on a date and he/she says no.

    23.  A game-show host picks you out of the audience to participate in the show.

    24.  You are frequently asked to dance at a party.

    25.  You buy your partner a gift and he/she doesn't like it.

    26.  You do exceptionally well in a job interview.

    27.  You tell a joke and everyone laughs.

    28.  Your boss gives you too little time in which to finish a project, but you get it finished anyway.

    29.  You've been feeling run-down lately.

    30.  You ask someone to dance and he/she says no.

    31.  You save a person from choking to death.

    32.  Your romantic partner wants to cool things off for a while.

    33.  A friend says something that hurts your feelings.

    34.  Your employer comes to you for advice.

    35.  A friend thanks you helping him/her get through a difficult time.

    36.  You have a wonderful time at a party.

    37.  Your doctor tells you that you are in good physical shape.

    38.  Your partner takes you away for a romantic weekend.

    39.  Your doctor tells you that you eat too much sugar.

    40.  You are asked to lead an important project.

    41.  You and your partner have been fighting a great deal.

    42.  You fall down a great deal while skiing.

    43.  You win a prestigious award.

    44.  Your stocks are at an all-time low.

    45.  You win the lottery.

    46.  You gain weight over the holidays and you can't lose it.

    47.  You are in the hospital and few people come to visit.

    48.  They won't honor your credit card at a store.

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