Founded in 2013, Butler Communication supports executives, business owners, and emerging leaders, who are facing challenges in a continuously changing business environment. Butler Communication specializes in corporate culture assessments and team facilitation and applies proven coaching concepts in dynamic client environments. Team performance, leadership training with special focus on emerging leaders, executive coaching, and global mindset development are integral parts of the core services offered to corporate, public sector, and non-profit clients.

​In partnership, we strive to uncover previously unnoticed options and possibilities to create new results and success at work and often also in their personal lives. As work-life balance is increasingly difficult to achieve, we focus on meaningful and healthy work-life integration. Curious what that looks and feels like? Call us, we will be happy to tell you!


We strive to be the catalyst for positive change for 100 clients a year, who have the capacity to positively impact the lives of 100 people,  inspiring them to create new opportunities for 100 individuals in their lives. Together with our clients and over the course of 10 years, we will have touched and improved the lives of 10 million people and made our world a better place.


It is our desire to bridge the multitude of communication gaps between individuals and businesses and to create inspiring learning environments that enrich and foster meaningful connections between people. We promote mutual understanding and the transformation of ordinary interactions into universally beneficial and extraordinary relationships inside and outside of organizations.

“I believe that every person has the deep-rooted need to be seen, heard, and recognized as a valuable human being with the ability to contribute positively to his and her environment.

My purpose as a leadership incubator and coach is to notice and to discover the unique strengths and talents in every person I interact with. My service to my clients is to whole-heartedly support their own discovery of their innate abilities, wisdom, and strengths so they can create purpose-filled, positive and powerful engagements in an ever-changing world. I strive to give my clients a safe space to explore and assess how they think and act in different areas of their lives, what gets in their way of healthy self-expression and effective leadership, and what can boost their impact in their environments to create extraordinary results.

My work releases positive energy in a world full of possibilities and choice to powerfully benefit humankind.”    ~ Friderike Butler